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Curriculum and Instruction

Welcome to the Montrose Area School District Curriculum Page. The goal of this page is to afford parents, families, and community members an opportunity to explore the curriculum framework that will guide students throughout their years in the Montrose Area School District. The Curriculum Framework is an organized plan that defines clear standards which will be achieved by all students. It is the map that reflects what students should know and what students should be able to do.

The Montrose Area School District is committed to assuring that our students have access to the highest quality resources and educational opportunities which will prepare them to be career and college ready. It is through this curriculum framework that we will accomplish this task.

Developing a quality curriculum is a process that requires reflection and changes on a constant basis. During our Curriculum Action Team cycles, departments will work hard to evaluate our current programs and make changes that will enhance student learning experiences. Therefore, at times, some of the content on the Atlas site will be “under construction” and may not be up to date. We will do our best to work in a timely manner to keep the information as current as possible.

Please feel free to contact Christine Rosenkrans, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, with any questions.

Curriculum Action Team Cycles

2017-2018- English Language Arts Curriculum Adoption- Grades K-12

2018-2019- English Language Arts Curriculum Implementation- Grades K-12; Math Curriculum Adoption- Grades 6-12

2019-2020- Math Curriculum Adoption- Grades K-5; Social Studies Curriculum Adoption- Grades 7-12 (Put on hold due to COVID)

2020-2021- Math- Grades K-5; Social Studies- Grades 7-12 (Curriculum Adoption Continued)

2021-2022- Math Curriculum Implementation- Grades K-5; Science Curriculum Adoption- Grades 3-12

2022-2023- Science Curriculum Adoption- Grades 3-12 (Curriculum Adoption Continued) Related Arts-

2023-2024-English Language Arts Formal Curriculum Review- Grades K-12

What’s New in Math!

Big Ideas Math logo

We are excited to announce the Montrose Area School District is now using the Big Ideas Math program for students in grades Kindergarten through Algebra II. Students will be able to work in one program that is research-based and created to assist our students in meeting and exceeding the rigorous PA math standards.

Click here to find out more about Big Ideas Math

iready logo

MASD also uses i-Ready math for diagnostic assessments and to monitor student progress as well as individualized instruction to assist students in building their math skills based on their personal learning pathway.

Learn more about how we use i-Ready Math

Christine Kresge
Director of Curriculum

PHONE: 570-278-6215